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In this Handbook
  • Albuquerque Public Schools Goals 
  • School District Authority and Jurisdiction 
  • Expectations of Students 
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Dress Code
  • What To Do If You Believe That Your Rights Have Been Violated 
  • APS School Attendance Guidelines
  • Disruption of the Educational Process
  • Consequences for Unacceptable Conduct
  • Extracurricular Substance Abuse and Tobacco Policy 
  • School Alternatives For Handling Unacceptable Conduct
  • Disciplinary Considerations for Students with Disabilities Under IDEA 
  • Disciplinary Considerations for Students Under Section 504 
  • Discipline Matrix
  • Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972
  • Student Records 
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Glossary of Terms


Attendance & Tardies

Report Absences: (505) 260-2020

Report absences by calling the school office the day of the absence.

"Students who are tardy for class receive consequences according to district guidelines adopted by each school. Consequences for being tardy will be determined by the school administration."

The Warning bell rings at 8:48, and instruction begins at 8:53.  Students are expected to be in the classroom and ready to learn at this time.

Students arriving after 8:53 must be walked into the office by a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians will sign the student in, and the office will give the child a tardy slip.

The child will walk to class on their own, so as to minimize disruptions. School staff will escort Kindergarten students and those who need assistance

Drop off & Pick up

It is not safe to drop children off more than 15 minutes before school or to leave them more than 15 minutes after the school day ends.

Parents must not leave their children on a school campus longer than fifteen (15) minutes either before or after the school day.

School grounds are not supervised except during the school day. If extenuating circumstances prevent a family from picking up a student on time, the school must be notified within fifteen minutes of the end of the school day.

If students are repeatedly left on campus outside of the school day hours, an administrator will attempt to contact the family to discuss and resolve the problem. If the problem continues, the student may be considered abandoned and the police will be notified.  Such children may be subject to transportation to a designated state shelter. 

APS schools will do their best to abide by parenting plans provided to them but are not responsible to enforce specific pick-up days.


Parents/guardians on campus during the school day need to check-in at the main office and wear a visitor or volunteer name-tag at all times.

Visits to classrooms should be arranged 24 hours prior to the visit and should be limited to twenty minutes. Parents/guardians may only visit classrooms where their child is enrolled.


We are here to help your child learn and grow, and that process includes you! Parents are a child's first and most important teachers. Parent involvement is closely linked to academic achievement and self-confidence. 

If you wish to volunteer with us, please set up a time with our volunteer coordinator, Corinne Martinez, who can guide you through the process and get you signed up. Teachers need help with making copies, coordinating and preparing materials, or just an extra hand in the classroom. We welcome your participation, your input, and your ideas.

Contact: Corinne Martinez at

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