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Register Your Child for ZIA Today!
Posted 7/16/21

Please register your child today for the 2021-2022 school year. Once we have your registration, we can start assigning your child to a teacher. Here is the link:


Transferring to Zia for the first time? Follow these instructions in this link to transfer your child to Zia. Once your transfer is approved, THEN you can start the registration process, but you will need to get the transfer first.



**Dual Language** transfer requests only- SEE BELOW


PLEASE DO NOT put in a request with the district transfer office for Zia's Dual Language program.  It will not be approved that way.

Instead, DO THIS: 

  • 1) Request a transfer to Zia's "General Program"
  • 2) When approved, register with Zia
  • 3) During registration, ask our Clerk for the ZIA DUAL LANGUAGE request form. This will be used to enter your Kindergarten child into the lottery for space available in Dual Language Kindergarten, or it will put your older child on the waitlist. (openings are extremely rare in the upper grades) 
  • 4) The lottery is held in the week preceding the start of school, (prior to August 12).
  • 5) Please check back for the date and time of the Dual Language Kindergarten Lottery