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Title I at Zia Elementary

What is Title I?

Title I is a program through which school districts receive federal funds to provide supplemental educational programs, ensuring that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and in addition, to engage families in the education of their children.

The Title I program offers a variety of services which may include: additional teachers and support staff, extra time for instruction, a variety of teaching methods and materials, smaller classes and additional training for staff. Zia has utilized its Title I funds in a variety of these ways, depending on the year and funding for that year.

In the first trimester of each school year, Zia holds the required annual Title I meeting typically in conjunction with our Open House. Copies of Zia’s Parent Involvement Policy are distributed during Open House and parent-teacher conferences. Brochures are always available in the office.

Parent Rights

Parents have the right:

  • To know the professional qualifications of their child's teacher(s) including the degrees and certifications held and whether the teacher is certified in his or her respective area of instruction.
  • To know the school improvement status of the school.
  • To know the level of achievement of their child in each area of the state assessment.
  • To know if their child has been assigned or has been taught for at least four consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet the highly qualified definition.
  • To be involved in the planning and implementation of the parent involvement program in their school.

Zia's Family-School Compacts

Compacts are written agreements that explain how families, students, and the entire school staff will share in the responsibility for improved student achievement. They also outline how the school and families will build partnerships to help all children achieve high standards. Zia’s compacts are created and signed at the beginning of the school year.

Zia is a diverse school. The Zia community is enriched by a variety of cultures, languages, and families including several immigrant groups and regional indigenous groups. Zia is an inclusive school that is fortunate to welcome students of all abilities. Zia hosts the district’s only elementary program for the visually impaired, as well as other programs designed for students with unique physical and educational needs.

Zia offers a variety of core programs that enhance an already well-rounded curriculum. Zia’s Dual Language and Heritage Language Programs were established in 1995 and continue to provide content instruction in both English and Spanish. Zia’s well-stocked Library and state-of-the-art Computer Lab supplement students’ classroom learning and research projects. All students participate in weekly Art or Music, Library, and Character Building classes as well as weekly PE classes in Zia’s spacious park or in the school’s modern gymnasium that includes one of the district’s few traverse walls.

How Parents & Guardians Can be Involved at Zia Elementary

Research shows that parent involvement is critical to student success and achievement. Parents positively impact their child’s school success by being actively involved in their child’s school experiences. Zia’s close working relationship with parents and our community enhances the education of our students. We pride ourselves in this partnership that encourages learning in an atmosphere of inspiration, guidance, and appreciation for each individual.

Zia recognizes that parents can be involved in a variety of ways in their child's education. These include reading daily with their child, checking backpacks for school communication, providing a quiet study area at home, reviewing homework and showing interest in their child's day. Parents are welcome to volunteer in classrooms, chaperone field trips and help with various school activities. Volunteers must complete a background check.

Communication is a vital component of student educational successes. Zia keeps parents informed through a wide variety of ways: monthly newsletters, school website, marquee, classroom newsletters and websites, school phone messaging system, e-mail communication, backpack mail, family communication logs, and personal one-on-one conversations. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year or when requested by parents.

Zia provides many opportunities for parents to assist in planning, and/or attending events. These include events such as Math/ Science Career Day, Bilingual Night, Science Fair, CSI funded afterschool programs, Young Authors, special lunches hosted by our cafeteria, monthly Zia Eagle Card assemblies and our Fifth Grade Celebration.

Parents are welcome to participate in Goal Teams, Instructional Council, and our Title I Parent Committee.

Zia’s active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) hosts several events that offer opportunities for families to get to know each other and discover ways to become more involved in the Zia community. These events include quarterly PTA meetings in conjunction with Family Fitness Nights where healthy snacks are provided, Family Movie Nights, Miler’s Club, Spring Dance, an Ice Cream Social and Ziathon. Spanish translation is available at all events if requested.

Zia's Important Community Connections

At Zia Elementary, we are grateful to have a unique and committed partnership with area businesses and service organizations to assist us in enriching the learning environment for the students and also to provide resources to families in need.

The Zia Family Focus Center, a parent-run organization, is located on our campus and offers afterschool enrichment classes for students as well as parent workshops.

Zia is a recipient of funding for a Families and School Together (F.A.S.T.) program from the City of Albuquerque. This program is designed to improve parenting skills and connect families to their schools. Multi-family group activities use experiential learning, coaching, and support to help students succeed in school and life.


Corinne Martinez,
Community Liaison